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The anime category includes clothes, figurines, board games and gadgets associated with anime such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden etc. If one of your relatives is watching anime addictively, here's the perfect gift for this person!

Your boyfriend is a fan of Dragon Ball and train a lot on the gym? Buy him a tank top "Train to beat Goku", he will definitely be happy and will remember your gift for a long time!

Your girlfriend wants to learn how to draw characters from her favorite anime? Choose a guide to drawing anime characters.

For fans of Monopoly we have prepared special editions of this game based on various Anime.

The anime genre is over one hundred years old. The first film of this type was made in 1917 and was called "Mukuzo Imokawa the Doorman". A year later, the Momotaro animation gained worldwide publicity. The greatest anime-based animations are in the 80's. There are over 20 sub-genres, among others Shoujo (for girls eg Kaicho wa meido-sama!), Shounen (for boys eg Dragon Ball), Mecha (robots battles).

Anime Best Gift Ideas

Naruto 3D Print Pullover Hoodie
3D Naruto printed hoodie for all Naruto fans. Wear a hoodie with a print of your favorite anime character.
Death Note: Confrontation Strategy Board Game
Confrontation is a game based on a popular anime series called Death Note. Kira is the mysterious killer on Death Note ...
Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown PVC Figure
A very well made figurine of the main character Ainz Ooal Gown from the popular anime series Overlord.
Acrylic Dragon Ball Figurine Set
Acrylic Dragon Ball set with Shenron figurine, 7 Dragon Balls and stand. The perfect gift for Dragon Ball fans.
Unisex 3D Dragon Ball T-Shirt
This Unisex 3D print anime T-shirt is the best choice for anime fans and otakus. You can wear this T-shirt for cosplay ...
Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Collection
An exclusive set with all Dragon Ball Z episodes on Blu-ray with English and Japanese audio in an exclusive slip-case.
3D Hoodie My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya
A great looking long sleeve sweatshirt with an amazing 3D print depicting Izuku Midoriya from the popular anime series ...
Master Guide to Drawing Anime Characters
A guide to drawing anime characters, such as bad guys, students, awkward personalities and more. There are ...
Training to Beat Goku Super Nerdy Tank Top
Nerdy men's tank top with the printed text "Training to beat Goku, or at least Krillin". The shirt is made of 100% ...
Attack on Titan BiFold Wallet
A durable and well-made bi-fold wallet with your favorite Survey Corps logo from the popular anime Attack on Titan.
Itachi Uchiha Costume For Halloween
Halloween cosplay costume uniform with headband is for all fans of Uchiha Itachi. If you like a Naruto Shippuden anime ...
Kurosaki Ichigo Getsuga Tenshou Action Figure
Figurine of Kurosaki Ichigo in Getsuga Tenshou transform from the Bleach anime. It is made of PVC with dimensions 7.9 ...
Monopoly Attack on Titan Board Game
Monopoly game based on the TV series Attack on Titan. As a player travel the game board building walls/gates and ...
Attack on Titan Survey Corps Badge Pendant Set
A set of Attack on Titan accessories, which includes: 4 badges, 1 sword and 1 key. The set is made of zinc alloy and ...
Naruto Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hooded Jacket
A great-looking men's long-sleeved hooded jacket based on the Naruto anime series. Made from the best quality, 20% ...
One Piece Straw Hat Pirates Leathercraft Wallet
Leathercraft bi-fold wallet based on the One Piece anime series. Inside a transparent ID slot and many card slots. Great ...
Thousand Sunny Model Ship One Piece
Thousand Sunny model ship from popular One Piece anime. Its compact size makes easy to display and do not require any ...
Anime Hoodie - TeeStars Women's
Comfortable classic fit long sleeve hoodie with printed text "It's an Anime Thing You Wouldn't Understand". Made of best ...
Monopoly Pokemon Johto Edition Board Game
Monopoly game based on the TV series Pokemon Johto Arc. Buy, sell or trade pokemons with other trainers to create the ...
Monopoly Dragon Ball Z Board Game
Monopoly game based on the TV series Dragon Ball Z. Travel through the world to recruit powerful fighters like Goku ...
Monopoly Pokemon Kanto Edition Board Game
Monopoly game based on the TV series Pokemon. Travel through all eight gyms and battle all kinds of Pokemon in Kanto.
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