37 in 1 Wallet Multitool Card Set unique gift

37 in 1 Wallet Multitool Card Set

The best 37 in 1 wallet multitool in card size. This gadget can definitely save you in many unexpected situations. You can use it to screw things in, tighten screws, cut lines, remove strings, keep rounded nails, peel fruit and vegetables!

This credit card tool covers all the main groups of tools that you can ask for, which makes it necessary for a man. The durable alloy finish makes this tool more powerful than other "tool cards" on the market, so you can use it indoors, outdoors or anywhere an emergency happens.

Applications include:

  • Knife Edge & Saw Blade
  • Can & Bottle Opener
  • 2 Rulers & Right Triangle
  • Smartphone Stand & Nail Puller
  • Cable Bender & Peeler
  • Multiple Screwdrivers and Wrench Sizes
  • Lanyard & Nail File, Fruit & Veg Peeler
  • Letter and Box Opener

A great gift idea for men for birthdays, holidays or father's day.