Buzzed Blocks Adult Drinking Game unique gift

Buzzed Blocks Adult Drinking Game

Hilarious adult party game in which is hard not to have a fun. If you like to drink with friends while having a lot of fun then this game is for you. Includes blank blocks so you can write your own party tasks on them and make a game even better.

Game have 54 blocks, 40 of them have funny drinking rules like: "drink and go again", "yell a 6 letter word", "twerk or shot", "girls drink", "group rock, paper, scissors", talk in accent", "shot!", "interview someone", "tell embrarassing story", "go again", "make a rule", "mute until drink is finished", "rhyme time", "skip next person". And 14 others blocks are blank. So you and your friends can write another 14 tasks! Choose from two colors: green and natural.

Perfect party game for groups of adults looking to have a good time. Ideal gift idea for Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas. 100% chance you will enjoy this game.