Coffee Mug For Women - Boss Lady unique gift

Coffee Mug For Women - Boss Lady

Elegant coffee mug with the inscription "Boss Lady". Includes a ceramic lid and golden spoon to keep your coffee hot for longer. Boss lady gift that every boss will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives

Coffee symbolizes love and audacity. Do you have someone in your life who takes your care as your mum and aunt does? Get a coffee mug with boss lady print that says she is the boss of your life. The boss lady coffee mug symbolizes love and audacity thus it is an ideal gift for women with a strong personality. This unique style marble printed coffee mug by FORTIVO is a special present for your loved lady.

Features of Coffee Mug For Women - Boss Lady:

  • The handle has a gold finish that looks beautiful with pink marble print.
  • Boss lady print is centered on the mug in golden color.
  • Ceramic lid keeps the hot coffee hot so that they can enjoy the coffee even after their work.
  • 12 oz coffee mug is perfect to fulfill your morning caffeine need.
  • Mug is designed with furnace gold foil technology. The print thus stay even after washes and don’t come off easily after years.

This is a perfect office supply or kitchen supply to keep next to your other office supplies at the desk. Moreover, you can present this to your coworker or boss on their birthdays. This chic style mug matches with their bold and dashing personality.

If you are thinking to give boss lady gifts then get it in an attractive gift packaging that reflects the royalty of the present. It is decorated with silk ribbons and comes it a crafted box along with a notecard. So, write up a message to add a heartwarming message to your women. Also, the gift box has comfortable padding that prevents the boss from ladybugs from damage.