Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth Plush unique gift

Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth Plush

Highly detailed and made of the finest of fabrics three toed sloth. It is ideal for cuddling for girls and boys of all ages.

Want a unique looking toy for your kid? Get them a wild republic sloth today. Don’t miss the chance to buy a new toy for your kid on their birthday.

  • Cloth material - the sloth stuffed animal is made from the finest quality of the fabric. Your kid will get a soft feel of the toy when they hug this sloth toy. The fabric gives a smooth feel without causing itching to their skin.
  • Details - the sloth toys look like a real sloth because of its high detailing. The eyes, nose, hands, toes, and more are very real.
  • Perfect - this soft toy is very soft that makes it perfect for cuddling. It is thirty inches tall and in a sitting position, it measures twenty inches. You can hug it while standing and feel comfort.
  • Real - sloth hangs themselves on tree branches in upside-down position and spends their time mostly there. Their legs are adaptable for such position and when they sit their back claws are pointed inwards. This toy sits exactly in the same position.

Its real look and comfy fabric make it worth buying a toy for your kid’s next birthday.