Death Note: Confrontation Strategy Board Game unique gift

Death Note: Confrontation Strategy Board Game

Confrontation is a game based on a popular anime series called Death Note. Kira is the mysterious killer on Death Note who managed to get another life. L is the legendary detective who looks for Kira. This game is like a cat and mouse game where L feeds a target to Kira and tries to trace his location and identity.

It is a two-player game, and one can take the role of detective L while others can take the role of Kira. Each player has to make use of the character specified notebook, as for L- he uses it to reveal target criminals and locate Kira and for Kira uses the notebook to eliminate the targets and get victory points.

This game is very interesting for teenagers and kids. If they have seen the anime series Death Note or read the manga, they will love this game, and it will be easy to understand the rules of the games. Playing time is 30 minutes, and it involves good power mechanics and area control.

The dimension of the product is 4 x 8.5 x 3, and the weight is 1.41 pounds. The item is portable, and you can carry it to your friend's home to play together.

You can play this board game with your friends or siblings. Playing this game, you can easily pass your time, enhance your thinking skills, etc. also, you can gift this game as a birthday gift to your otaku friend. It will make a good collection of anime games for you and your friend.

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