Interactive Christmas Children's Sound Book unique gift

Interactive Christmas Children's Sound Book

Colorful children's book with interactive Christmas songs. Show your little one the magic of Christmas with classic Christmas carols and Christmas illustrations.

Christmas is coming and we will listen to Christmas carols everywhere. But what about the little ones, they have heard only jingle bell jingle bell. It’s time to introduce some more Christmas music to the young ones so that they can sing along with you. So, fill your home with Christmas carols and get the feel of Christmas before its arrival. Holly Berry-Byrd has brought a book with children’s Christmas songs.

Features of Christmas Songs: Interactive Children's Sound Book:

  • Your kids learn some of the classic songs of Christmas like deck the halls; Santa Claus is coming to town and more.
  • Have fun sayings of Santa that give them a real feel of Santa. The merry Christmas and HO HO HO sound of Santa will make you feel that Santa is coming just right now.
  • Colourful illustrations of the board book with Christmas songs for toddlers make you kid ready till the Christmas
  • The book is easy, simply press the button. Let your kids sing along with the music and read the lyrics on the book.

The board book has sturdy pages that don’t get damaged even when the kid mess with the books. There are icons on every page that makes them understand easily because pictures are good illustrations. The book has very simple illustrations that every 5-year-old kid can understand. It is good for every kindergarten and preschool-grade level kid. There are only 5 pages which they can learn in a week.

So, get these children’s sound books now. This is also a perfect gift for kids this Christmas.

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