Itachi Uchiha Costume For Halloween unique gift

Itachi Uchiha Costume For Halloween

Halloween cosplay costume uniform with headband is for all fans of Uchiha Itachi. If you like a Naruto Shippuden anime and you don't have costume for Hallowen, buy this uniform! Now you can look like Uchiha Itachi.

This Halloween costume is a real bestseller! There are hundreds of 5 star reviews, many of users photos in product website. It's unisex in five different size (The smallest S size is for 153-160cm height persons, the biggest XXL is for 180-185cm height persons).

About Naruto: Shippuden anime
The first season of the anime Naruto Shippuden appeared in 2007 and included 21 episodes. The main character Naruto was assigned to the team along with Sasuke Uchicha and Sakura Haruno, and their teacher was Kakashi Hatake. The story is about Naruto improving his skills during learning and training. In 2017, episode 500 came out and it was the last one so far. Anime is based on the manga created by Masashi Kishimoto.

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