Large Jar Candle - Christmas Cookie unique gift

Large Jar Candle - Christmas Cookie

A large candle in a jar with a wonderful aroma of Christmas cookies, which will give your surroundings a Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas means carols, garland, gifts, Santa, toys, cookies, sweets, cakes and lots more. Decorate your house with Christmas trees, garlands, bells, stockings and large Yankee candle. Candles are an important part of the celebration. However, scented jar candle is more useful than ordinary ones. Get this scented candle by Yankee from online stores.

Features of this Christmas cookie candle by Yankee:

  • Yankee has a unique candle design for their customers. This jar like candles enhances the beauty of the Christmas décor of your home
  • Make your home smells like freshly baked Christmas cookies with its fragrance. The smell of vanilla, nutmeg, sugar, cinnamon, and butter will exaggerate your Christmas hunger. The smell and memories of this festival will not easily go away from your mind.
  • This Christmas cookie candle burns consistently for longer as it has paraffin-grade wax that let it burns for 110-150 hours
  • It is a 22-ounce Yankee candle large jar filled with a rich aroma of butter and vanilla

The candle has a traditional signature design of Yankee. It is made from all the curate ingredients with natural extracts. Also, the wicks are made from natural fibres that guarantee consistent burning. Different candle jar size is available to make your decoration a classic one. So, buy this scented jar candle and set a Christmas mood. Also, they are perfect for a romantic date with your lover or partner. This festive candle with different fragrance will surely make your Christmas a memorable celebration. Yankee has a passion for fragrance and now you will have too with these scented candles.