LEGO NINJAGO Land Bounty Set with Ninja Minifigures unique gift

LEGO NINJAGO Land Bounty Set with Ninja Minifigures

Build a powerful bounty truck with LEGO NINJAGO and send ninja heroes on an epic journey. Each minifigure is ready to go with its own special ninja weapon.

This ninja toy building set for kids includes 9 LEGO NINJAGO minifigures: Wu, Kai, Jay, Nya, Cole FS, Aspheera, Char, Pyro Destroyer and Pyro Slayer with ninja weapons and accessories, including the Cole tornado shield and the Forbidden Spinjitzu Scroll.

The set contains 1178 LEGO elements, but you can use blocks from other LEGO sets to play even more creatively. The NINJAGO Land Bounty ninja truck is about 8 inches high, 19 inches long and 7 inches wide. The detachable leaflet is approximately 5 inches high, 12 inches long and 11 inches wide.

The recommended age for LEGO NINJAGO Land Bounty is 9 years and older.

This LEGO set is an excellent present idea for Christmas or birthday for children who loves to build great things with LEGO.

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