Mega Crystal Growing Lab unique gift

Mega Crystal Growing Lab

Grow your own colorful and amazing crystals with this Mega Crystal Growing Lab by National Geographic.

Do you love crystals around your house? Buy this natural geographic mega crystal growing lab kit by national geographic. Check it out what is amazing in this crystal growing kit.

  • Multiple colors - unlike another kit, you can find multiple colors in the kit. You can grow crystals in red, purple, orange, yellow, blue, pink, and teal colors. These eight colors are available in the kit that is fun growing crystals.
  • Easy growing - simple instructions are there to follow that help you in growing your crystals in your desired colors. It has silicone chambers that allow easy growing crystals. Moreover, there are four chambers.
  • Display - light up your house with these beautifully grown crystals. They light up at night that makes your boring night so amazing.
  • Collection - learns all about crystal with a steam learning guide that comes with this best crystal growing kit. There are also five specimens of real gemstone.
  • Guarantee - this is an award-winning science toy by national geographic. There is a money-back guarantee by the national geographic if you don’t like this crystal love.

Almost every student loves this fun toy, so get it for your kids.

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