Our Moments Cards Game for Couples unique gift

Our Moments Cards Game for Couples

A card game for couples with beginner conversations for perfect relationships is the perfect way to meet someone in a new relationship or re-establish contact with your long-term love.

Enjoy your date in a whole new way. Is this your first date or have you been together for years. Interact with your partner and get closer than ever. This toy for couples is a reliable way to set fire to the sparks flying between you! It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together.

Not all cards are related to romantic themes and it is certainly a game for every couple. This is our way to recover life from stress related to work, family, friends and everyday events. It's your time, enjoy it together!

The card game contains 100 question cards printed on 300 g / m2 cards, which are packaged in shrink film in a custom box.

This game is a great gift idea for you and your partner or friends.

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