Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case unique gift

Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

A complete set of 500 striped poker chips in a wide range of colors in a silver aluminum case. Two decks of standard playing cards are included.

Lover poker and want cheap poker chips, then buy this fat cat chipset of poker. You will never feel bored when you have this Texas hold’em clay poker at home.

  • Case - the aluminum case makes this chipset look amazing and durable. Keep all your numbered poker chips in the case and don’t lose it.
  • Chips - there are 500 poker chips in the set that are made from clays so that don’t break easily. Also, they are lightweight and weigh less, it weighs only 11.5 grams.
  • Numbered chips - there are all colored chips essential for playing hold’em poker so that you get real casino feel while playing with friends at home. You will get 50 green and black chips. 100 blue chips and 150 white chips are there in the set.
  • What else - not only chips but also playing cards are also available in the Texas hold’em set. Two decks are available in the set. So, enjoy poker.

The surprise is also there, you get dealer buttons, little blind, and big blind as well in the fat cat poker chip set. Playing poker was never fun like you get with this set. Buy it now.