Zen Breeze Bath Bombs Set unique gift

Zen Breeze Bath Bombs Set

The highest quality, handmade box of natural and organic bath bombs. The set contains 9 very large lush bath bombs filled with essential oils.

Enjoy a spa session and aromatherapy at home with 9 different and unique bath bombs that suit every mood. Each bath bomb weighs about 4 ounces (113 grams).

Zen Breeze bath bombs set features following scents:

  • Succulent Melon
  • Graceful Orchid
  • Exotic Jasmine
  • Calming Ocean
  • Rose Bud
  • Rich Shea Butter
  • Enticing Grapefruit
  • Refreshing Eucalyptus
  • Ravishing Raspberry

The perfect gift set for a birthday, mother's day, Christmas and a lover of essential oils or bath bombs.

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